Puzzles in Moons

While Moons of Madness is not a puzzle game per se, puzzles are important and an integral part of the game because they act as an additional aspect of the storytelling.

It was very clear from the start that we didn’t want to add puzzles just for the heck of it. They are not there to be fillers until something else happens. Every puzzle is directly linked to the story, the environment and the world you are in.

Sometimes the puzzles might add to the mystery while other times it might help you connect pieces of the story you already know but did not have the context to.

In other words, it’s important to us that you, the player, will want to solve the puzzle and not just do it because it’s “in the way”. We want the player to feel rewarded after solving that puzzle, which goes beyond just opening up area x or y.

A good puzzle, it’s a fair thing. Nobody is lying. It’s very clear, and the problem depends just on you.
- Erno Rubik

The puzzles will always fit into the environment and make sense in the context. That is something we are actively working towards. Puzzles should always explain why the player is rewarded. Most puzzles if not all of them are contextual and also fit into the area the player is currently in or the flow of the game at that time. They will fit in both the hard-science but also the Lovecraft aspect of the game. 

Obviously you might want to figure out what is going on and more importantly what is actually real and what is not – this is automatically and organically making you into some kind of investigator. Again, while Moons is not an actual puzzle game there are still aspects of exploring locations, discover objects and clues and you might get stuck until you learn enough to be able to advance ahead.

Example: Imagine you will have to open a door and you see a weird pattern on the wall next to the door the game wants you to figure out. There are games that just have such a random puzzle and you will eventually figure out the pattern behind it. However, why was there a pattern on the wall in the first place? Personally we would not be interested in the actual puzzle but in only advancing the game and story.

We are trying to make it so everything makes sense. If there was a pattern you would have to figure out, it’s there for a reason. A reason that is directly linked to the story. Makes sense? Obviously this was just a little example but that is the idea behind all the puzzles in Moons of Madness. They will be directly linked to whatever area you are in at that time and how much you have learned of the story.

You will encounter many different puzzles in the game: pattern puzzles, interaction puzzles, inventory puzzles and more. Hopefully we can entwine them into the story so much that you might not even realize you are solving a puzzle 😉

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