Interaction is key

“The screen went black before I was out of the airlock. Turns out the “L” in “LCD” stands for “Liquid.” I guess it either froze or boiled off. Maybe I’ll post a consumer review. “Brought product to surface of Mars. It stopped working. 0/10.”  ~

Remember these two golden rules:

    1. It’s always good to remember your helmet on Mars, especially if you plan to take a step outside.
    2. Solar energy is quite important, as you might already know if you are a Mars specialist.

The interactions you see in these animated gifs are actual gameplay examples, which we thought you might enjoy as little appetizers while we keep working on our game-play demo! Just remember, all of this is very much Work in Progress and might change and most likely improve as time goes by.

Combining hard science with Lovecraft and first person horror means that there is quite a bit of technical game-play as well. The game might even feel a bit like a space simulator at parts, which is very much by design. Don’t be fooled, though. Not everything is as it seems!

A lot of the fun is hopefully going to come from interacting with the environment either through exploration, core game-play or puzzles.

Don’t hesitate to leave us feedback and suggestions in the comments!


3 Replies to "Interaction is key"

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    November 2, 2016 (2:14 am)

    Controlling of solar panels looks fun
    but robotic “thing” which holds helmet looks unreasonable waste of power.. where power is very valuable

    • comment-avatar
      November 2, 2016 (9:20 am)

      Good feedback. Thanks!

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